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Worker's Comp

la johnson law workers comp injuryWorker's comp is intended to provide cash-wage benefits and medical care to victims of work related injuries. Workers' comp cases often hinge on medical testimony.  L.A. Johnson & Associates, LLC understands medical conditions and injuries; we recognize there implications on a worker's performance.   Worker's compensation is not like a typical personal injury case… it's not about fault or negligence. The law states that if a worker is injured while on the clock, they are to be covered by employer's worker's compensation insurance.  Problems arise when employers and/or their insurance companies deny benefits to injured employees.  Several issues may be raised when this happens:

la johnson law workers comp claim
  • They may say that you lied about a pre-existing condition on your job application.
  • They may insist that you have recovered, when, in fact, you have not.
  • They may accuse you of exaggerating or faking your injuries.
  • They may assert that you got hurt elsewhere and not on the job.


It is also possible that your employer may fire you and avoid reporting the claim to his or her insurance company: after all, filed claims affect their insurance rates. 

If you were injured on the job and feel you are not getting the care you deserve, call L.A. Johnson & Associates.  Consultation is free.  Get the benefits you are entitled to.  Get represented; your employer sure will be. The worst thing you can do is nothing.