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Most business arrangements are entered into by contract or agreement. The terms of the contract are very important because they spell out exactly what each partyto the contract is responsible to do.  Some typical contracts include employment, landlord/tenant, sale/purchase, consignment, and contractor agreements just to name a few.  L. A. Johnson and Associates, LLC negotiates contracts that represents your needs and concerns.

There is always the possibility that one party may not honor the terms of agreement: a breach of contract.   Whether a material or immaterial breach, the legal course of action and/or remedy varies according to the specifics of breach.  If you believe that someone you have entered into a contract with is not holding up to their agreed part of the deal, then contact L .A. Johnson & Associates, LLC for possible legal options.

Lastly, there are times that a contract may be voided or unenforceable due to a number of circumstances.  Some conditions such as fraud, misrepresentation, mistake, age at the time of signing and signing under duress can cause a contract to be voided or seen as unenforceable.  If any of these situations applies to you, then you should seek legal assistance to determine what legal rights you may have.